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  • My recommendations for things to do in SH:

    1. Walk along the Bund, take the public ferry over to the other side,
      gawp at tall buildings and have lots of people try to take pictures
      of you
    2. Go to a temple: Jing'an Temple is the most convenient but it's not the best or in anyway authentic. Longhua Temple is really nice and serene. Jade Buddha Temple has (surprise!) a massive jade buddha.
    3. The French Concession (or the french connection, as my mum calls it) is great for a wander, Tianzifang is good but touristy. Xintiandi is shit.
    4. Some good museums: Propaganda Museum, Shanghai Museum, Urban Planning Museum (my fave), West Bund art museums (power station, yuz, long museum, etc)
    5. The water towns nearby can be nice, I think Zhujiajiao is the easiest to get to (on line 17) though I've never actually been. Nicer ones are further away.
    6. Shopping - Huaihai Road is better than Nanjing Road. Swankiest malls are IAPM, IFC, Kerry Centre. Fake market is beneath the Science & Tech Museum on line 2, it's quite an experience but you can get some good stuff.
    7. Treat yourself - massages, bathhouses etc. Chinese massage is great and it's so cheeeeeap. Just don't accidentally go to a brothel like someone I know... There are a few bathhouses in SH, the korean or japanese ones are best, you bathe naked so don't go if you don't like lots of nudity.
    8. Have a cocktail at sunset by the Bund - Captains or Pop Bar are my choices.
    9. Too much food to list.... Shanghainese food is (in my opinion) horrible, but there's food from all over China and the rest of the world, ranging from cheap but delicious, to eyewateringly expensive but (hopefully) mouthwateringly good.

    That's all I can think of for now, I should get back to work...


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