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  • Not sure I can offer advice as such, but one of my customers is a giant of a man - 6’10” and must weigh 20 stone, he has a custom Roberts frame (the saddle reaches my armpit, at 5’9”) and he breaks components like clockwork. He’s has two Thompson seatposts snap on him, and the clamp bolt snap a couple of weeks back (with pretty painful and expensive results), loads of cranks (Madison stopped warranting them after the 5th or 6th) and pedals etc.

    I think what I’m trying to say is that he’s going to have to buy quality stuff cos the cheap shit will snap like a twig.

  • That reference is useful and as I thought - and slightly unnerving -being my Bro is closer to 25st. Perhaps first step is literally dig out the shed/get a beater frame/bike and stick some 36H on it where the financial risk is negligible and hope, if he enjoys ,and benefits from, it he'll look to invest time/money in getting something he'll use little and often

  • Thinking about what @jj72 said, I have seen some incredibly large people riding bike-shaped-objects, but never something of quality. I’d question whether quality is synonymous with strength.

    I know that it’s a pretty lame example but I’d consider it as cheap denim vs silk. Are there really low end components that are heavy and overbuilt that will withstand greater abuse than high end?

    I’d expect Thomson et al to break, because I envisage they shave grams off to keep performance high, as their range of users is 10st lighter than you’re thinking, but they maybe have a grey area of avoid-lawsuit-strength.

    Maybe the engineers will get angry with this, but if bike/component weight isn’t the issue, then are steel/heavy components going to have a lower risk of catastrophic failure at the extreme end? I’m thinking a thick walled steel seat tube will be better than alloy?

  • Thorn Cycles have a bit in their catalogue about the Nomad being strong enough for power lifters. An expensive option though