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  • What bike (if any) for a 145kg man? Brother wants to implement a little extra mobility/variation/cardio into his strong man training
    Anything he can get QR wheel wise that'll support some very modest light trail/road rides - 10-15mile potters? If it makes a difference (the power he's putting through the pedals rather than just weight), he's a big powerful guy (amateur strongman) rather than a 14 stone guy 10st overweight.

    Tyres is also an issue as you can imagine.
    Shout if it's a case of basically once you hit 125kg+ cycling (esp off the shelf bikes/wheels) is pretty much out of bounds or if you have any ideas of pedal power for a man of such dimensions


  • Not sure I can offer advice as such, but one of my customers is a giant of a man - 6’10” and must weigh 20 stone, he has a custom Roberts frame (the saddle reaches my armpit, at 5’9”) and he breaks components like clockwork. He’s has two Thompson seatposts snap on him, and the clamp bolt snap a couple of weeks back (with pretty painful and expensive results), loads of cranks (Madison stopped warranting them after the 5th or 6th) and pedals etc.

    I think what I’m trying to say is that he’s going to have to buy quality stuff cos the cheap shit will snap like a twig.

  • That reference is useful and as I thought - and slightly unnerving -being my Bro is closer to 25st. Perhaps first step is literally dig out the shed/get a beater frame/bike and stick some 36H on it where the financial risk is negligible and hope, if he enjoys ,and benefits from, it he'll look to invest time/money in getting something he'll use little and often


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