• Sorry if this is in the wrong thread but I think people will be interested: I went to the Sheffield Adventure Film Festival last night and saw 3x short bikepacking films which were all pretty amazing. the 3 films were. 1. 'lowest to highest' 2. 'ice and palms' 3. 'divided' which you can read about here https://shaff.co.uk/shaff19/bike-packing¬≠-films

    Found the second one on youtube and I'd say that was my favourite, if anyone wants to watch an epic ski/cycle tour across the alps for half an hour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AzyK5qr-­WC0

  • Thank you!
    Just watched ice & palms.
    It's great. Real adventure.
    Such a crazy combination that makes somehow makes a lot of sense, wonder how many people do it.


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