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  • Thanks for that all... I'd already planned a visit to the fake market and it turns out Shanxi Road metro is close to my hotel so that's buns covered too (my hotel only seems to do French food, bizarrely). Art, fakes, propaganda, tourist views, buns and dumplings seems to be the plan for me then.

    Apart from the fact it stops precisely nowhere, (but has plenty of taxis at ground level),
    have you been on the Airport Bullet Train?

    Planning to do it on the way back to the airport if only so I can tick off the maglev train ride on the "stuff I wanted to do as a kid" list.

  • maglev train ride

    Yep, it's a bit more impressive than the Gatwick Shuttle.

  • I actually find the maglev really scary so don't recommend it to people... I'm not keen on dying at high speed over a wasteland in Pudong new district.


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