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  • Wotcha peeps - had this kicking around, not knowing what to do, what direction to take it etc. for a couple of weeks. Kept opening up the project and feeling disheartened, as I had an idea in my head that just wouldn't translate!

    Anyway, past couple of days I decided I HAD to finish it before I moved on to something else and decided to tackle it completely differently - rather than try and bash it into the idea I had in my head I decided to embrace the contradictions, dubby, skippy hats, Techno/Dub Techno - anyway, dense and dank for a moody Sunday - would love to know what you think about mix - low end?

    Not sure about the sub kick and bass combo - might be extending a wee bit - some possibly very naughty frequencies in places? See what you think (master is fairly pumping too, could dial back) - cheers!­/nx3-130bpm-mix-session-1-test/s-4fu0i

  • I think this sounds great, no problem with the low end of the mix for me. The only thing that sticks out a touch for me is the hi-hat that's panned over to the right - maybe it's panned out too far, or is just a touch loud? But I'm digging the dub techno vibes.


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