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  • Heh, thanks, well I think with these digital boxes they know what people are after so they fill them full of FX. Delay, reverb, overdrive, compression, etc., that’s what I was testing with that really - how far can you get just with the box and the stuff it gives you, in terms of “that” sound, anyway.

  • You could gig that quite easily, no? I'm not much into dance music anymore but that really sounds like a party waiting to happen... 😀

  • Yeah, totally, I’m keen to do that actually. Do something that’s just a few boxes, no laptop, no big mixer... get a cheap case with some pick & pluck foam to fit it all in cabled up. And try and get it down to like the Monomachine, one drum machine (TR-8S or Machinedrum) and one boutique, plus one or two small fx and an Analog Heat. Even that might be overkill.

    I’m far too old to be playing dance music out but it would be fun to get a set together.


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