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  • Concrete? At a guess I imagine it was done by the owner before last but I'll confess I didn't give it enough thought or investigation at the time of purchase.

    I'll try and lift a bit of the laminate at some point and have a look. What would I be on the look out for? Cracks?

    Another option I'm considering is the quite drastic one of structural remodeling of the space to make it open plan to the hallway, doing away with this wall completely. Would require extending an RSJ insulating the end wall (end of terrace) but I want to do the latter anyway.

  • Concrete flooring in a period property sounds like a recipe for trouble. Funneling moisture underneath the property through to the nearest escape point, the surrounding walls

    Would it have had a suspended timber floor previously do you think?
    Or if it was a solid floor before it would have most like been breathable.

    The plaster on the walls - lime or cement/gypsum ?
    The latter plaster might exacerbate the issue caused by the flooring

    Ventilation sounds like it's satisfactory by your account but condensation damp is always possible

  • Lime I think, it was on the other side. There were timber floors at one point for sure as there are air bricks front and back.


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