• Been to quite a few of these.

    Thattukada is legit. Went there on a recommendation from @amey. Big fan. Make sure you get the anchovie pakora

    Hala is good. Was my old local but tbh you can't really go wrong with any of the grill restaurants on that stretch. But IMHO Hala went down hill when the prices went up and they started offering peri peri.

    Let chamarel. Been their twice. Once amazing. Once decidedly average. Try go when it's amazing! Fish curry was good. Lots of flavours that were unexpected.

    Olde Goa is next to my missus place so will give it a go. It's in norbury so arguably not in London.

    Being Malay cafe TPT and roti king are regulars. Have the laksa in TPT and the roti canai and murtabak in roti king.


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