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  • I’m putting together a 6770 Di2 group for this, so far I have shifters and a front mech. I also have another front mech and rear mech on their way. I would like to power the group from a seatpost mounted battery, and I need junction boxes and cables... I’ll also need a charger!
    Firstly does anyone have any of these parts they would sell me?
    I think I need cables from each shifter to a junction box (3 port) on stem, then one cable to second junction box mounted internally somehow (3 port again?). From this there is a cable going to the battery held in the seatpost and one to each mech... can anyone confirm if this is correct and perhaps help me work out the part numbers required for the boxes? I’ve been told cables, batteries are interchangeable between Ultegra 10 and 11 speeds - is this the same for junction boxes?

    Cheers in advance!


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