• i went to surrey quays decathlon last night and they had a gravel 520 in the workshop bit. they were a bit puzzled by the cost uplift compared to the non gravel 520 - as suggested previously paint, bars, tyres seem to be the differences.

    the paint / clear laquer is much nicer in real life, i think. i'm a big fan of the orange/gold accents. they said once they have them in stock (this was the only one) it's possible to take one for a 48 hour test ride - i had no idea this was a thing at decathlon.

  • Picking my RC 520 Gravel up this weekend. Was able to get it on the cycle to work scheme. The price difference between the regular RC 520 and the Gravel seems difficult to justify but I do prefer the paint job and bigger tyres which will make my commute to work more comfortable.


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