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  • If the 14 murders in Jan 1972 had been properly investigated then most of the subsequent 3000+ murders could have been averted.

  • That's a bit of a stretch. Bloody Sunday and Ballymurphy a few months previous were inexcusable, murderous atrocities but by late 1971, sectarian violence was already pretty rampant, particularly on the loyalist side. From the August 69 burning out of mostly Catholic families in North and West Belfast through to the McGurks bomb in late 71 - Loyalist Rioters were often seen to work in Concert with the RUC and the hated 'B Specials'. The Widgery Report 'whitewash' in April 72 cemented a view that the British Army were not only unaccountable but alligned with the discredited Unionist Government in Stormont. When direct rule was imposed in the spring of 72, this put a newly invigorated PIRA in direct confrontation with the British Government.

    Along with allowing the Army to support the UDR and RUC in enforcing Faulkner's dreadful policy of internment and the rescinding of political prisoner status that led to the hunger strikes, the Widgery Report into Bloody Sunday was one of the worst policy blunders by the UK government of the entire troubles.

    From what I've read, I'm disappointed but not surprised that DPP are only charging one soldier. Not being able to take the soldiers own testimony at the Savile Enquiry into account is a critical handicap. Again, the greater slight seems to be the lack of culpability for senior officers on the day and the coverup that led to the Widgery Report. Seems perjury charges may also be forthcoming for some of that.

    Lastly, the incredibly insensitive comments of Karen Bradley and Gavin Williamson further underline the incompetence at the highest levels of our government at the moment. Bradley, in particular should've been sacked immediately.


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