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  • A postscript on the Bloody Sunday killings. The worst crime was the cover up; the failure to investigate soldiers and officers, the deliberate distortions of Lord Chief Justice Widgery's tribunal.
    As a result the PIRA were given a massive recruiting boost. Terrorist activity increased and was exported to the mainland. The nationalist community were led to believe that there would be no justice from the British state and reacted accordingly.
    It was not until the UK government recognised the need to prosecute reckless soldiers some two decades later that the peace process began to bear fruit.

    The parallel today is how we treat ISIS fighters and their families. Should we allow them citizens' rights and subject them to a fair justice system or should we use cruel and unnatural punishments and strip away their rights? Our current policy will only serve to alienate young radicals, encouraging more terrorism.

  • Wasn't going to say anything but yeah, murder is a bit worse than lying

  • If the 14 murders in Jan 1972 had been properly investigated then most of the subsequent 3000+ murders could have been averted.


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