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  • For balance, some fucking hilarious news emerging out of Norway.­575873

    Basically, the recently appointed Minister of Justice (roughly equivalent to Secretary of State for Justice) has experienced a series of incidents on his personal property; graffiti, setting fire to his wheelie bin, attempts to set fire to his car etc.
    This was put into context with a recent play at an arty theatre that went fairly far in suggesting the minister in question is a racist. A lot of politicians and media personalities held the theatre company "responsible" for the incidents, reasoning that the narrative of the play had provoked the events, perhaps even that the actors had somehow orchestrated them.
    Turns out the minister's missus disconnected the CCTV and did these things herself, while at the same time keeping up a stream of shrill Facebook comments about how unsafe she felt, as well as pointing the finger of blame at the theatre and its actors.

    So much fun.


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