• Bought a set of bmx cranks which were loose on the axle when they turned up.

    Contacted seller through eBay for a return, they claimed they were fine, suggested I’d fitted them wrong then when I said I was a bike mech they went quiet.

    I opened a case through PayPal, no response so escalated to a claim, still no response so after the required amount of time PayPal found in my favour and refunded me.

    Seller has now emailed me to say “Hi are you have received a refund and I have not received the cranks ?”.

    What would you do?

    I’ve had this before where the seller ignores it and I get a refund with no request/requirement of returning the item but this is the first time the seller has then got in touch.

    Tempted to reply saying that’s what happens when you dinghy the PayPal claim or say I binned the cranks because they’re fucked (I haven’t, I did wonder about buying a new axle to see if it was any better but that’d likely cost me at least half what I paid for the cranks and. Ugh the not fix anything).

    Edit: Since PayPal now consider the matter closed I doubt I’ll be able to use their return postage refund thing eh?

  • Tell them you haven't received a shipping label or a modicum of courtesy hence no cranks, but if they want to time travel back and not act like a slabbering cunt you're happy to facilitate the return

  • Email came from a different email address to the one the person I had dealings with was using for Paypal.

    I'm not even dignifying it with a response, blocked with my email provider and added the user to my ebay block list too just incase they try anything stupid.