• Yeah sure - its all my own personal experience but for a single person company - by the time i also factored in insurance, plus having to sort out pensions ,monthly PAYE ,monthly NI calcs and paying HMRC, and various other stuff - especially keeping receipts , and it seemed after the first year including corp tax, dividends, paying myself i didnt get the $$$ i was wanting out if it, and i just got overwhelmed by the "paperwork" and stress of it all - decided to wind up the company which also was a bit of a mare too - you have to inform everyone under the sun your closing, do some final accounts, pay lots of things off, wait 3 months then close it.
    i have to admit my accountants were not very good - there were a few times i got letters from HMRC about not filling in something or expecting something and had to prompt them to do it - so that added to the stress.

    EDIT: also - i'm not the sharpest tool in the box when it comes to figures and tax


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