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  • aidan is it likley that would happen??

    Not really.

    This server also has the Chicago Fixed Gear forum on it and that isn't a strain at all. The Bowlie forum is the real strain on this server and the reason for it existing. These bike forums are nothing in comparison. Hell this forum barely takes up 10MB of disk space... Bowlie is close to 4GB with several hundred simultaneous users.

    But, in reality if the cycling forums represented anything more than a very low load and required that I move server, then I wouldn't put adverts on the forum I'd simply ask that those who felt that they got something from the forum considered donating. I don't like adverts, and I like to have this belief that people do pay for that which they like and use... though I would never charge a fee because not everyone could afford to give. It'd be an honour system.

    We're a real fucking long way from anything like that though. Very small we are.


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