• From memory it's about 280km for a loop but it's perhaps going to miss the highlights. It's rideable in a day but there's a fair amount of climbing involved at ~6,000m. Treat it like an Everest day. I've never gotten around to doing the lap as I've only ever visited for short trips but I'd definitely go for it if I were there for a week.

    This is a write-up from my last trip https://theadventurecapitalist.wordpress­.com/2019/01/22/winter-cycling-tenerife/­ where we stayed in El Medano and rode 100 mile loops. If you wanted to trim those down I can recommend staying in Arona or somewhere else a little higher up. It can get cool in the evenings but it saves you 45-60 minutes of climbing at the start of your ride, if you're heading up.

    This write-up is from a previous trip, with smaller ambitions. https://theadventurecapitalist.wordpress­.com/2017/01/22/volcanic-activity/ You'll find Strava files linked to all the rides described in both blog posts so you can judge the distances involved. The write-ups add some colour and help you realise that the weather can play a fair role in impacting your speed.