• As an increasing stakeholder in the minority group that dare not speak its name, I'm acting as a UK go-between for the new Masters tournament in September and am looking to recruit a strong and enthusiastic representation from our shores.

    This idea has been developing sporadically around the world, in Indianapolis and talk of a Vienna event a couple of years ago, but now our German friends have made it a reality. In all (for polo) seriousness, there is a need for tournaments that enable players to remain in the game/scene regardless of diminishing skills or time available to stay abreast of current and future playing standards. With that in mind, I have already met with Alex the German tournament promoter to discuss how we can bring the 2020 edition to London and perhaps move it to a Worlds status. Feel free to make contact if you would like to help develop a UK masters tournament.

    So this is a call out for current UK-based players that wish to play in the first Euro Masters and especially to former players that need a little motivation to get back on court - please get this message out to those people!

    Entries here: european.masters@web.de

    FB here: https://www.facebook.com/events/29650062­4309358/

    Rules for this edition:

    1. The minimum age for all active players is 35
    2. The minimum combined age for a Team is 120 years

    Currently a 16 team entry - if it goes over 16 then a lottery will take place. 8 teams already entered.
    Ryanair fly direct to Nurnberg from Stansted and Manchester.

    Free agents list - post up if you want to make/join a UK team here:


    Cheeky call outs to those you think should be playing!


    Regards. Neil

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