• Slightly OT but I can't find a more applicable thread, and where do I go to ask the big questions but lufgus...

    • Has anyone had experience retro-fitting roof rails to a Golf or similar?
    • Alternatively, can anyone convince me that spending £4k on a Volvo estate with 50% more mileage would still be better than £4k on a Polo/Golf/Golf Plus?

    PS anyone fancy a project Audi Cab FE 2.8 V6?

  • Why do you need roof rails? Can’t you get a rack that fits without?

    Re estate or not, do you need the space? If not I’d imagine a golf would be much cheaper in the long run

  • Came to ask about a roof rack / box on a Golf too (mk6)!

    You've selected pretty different cars there. If you need the space of a full sized estate then a polo won't do. The Volvo will probably be more expensive on every metric you can think of, but if it fits your needs...

    Irrc the Golf Plus has roof rails.

    Anyway, my question...

    I need a roof rack and maybe a roof box. What should I be looking for? It will be used rarely - car boots for large possibly heavy objects, then a roof box to drive to Europe. Possibly also a bike, but probably not.

    Ideally don't want to spend a fortune, but equally don't want a false economy.


  • Roof rails and racks, always prefer to get genuine, especially after knocked myself out getting out of a car with crappy 'multi fit' Thule roof bars sticking over the sides of the car. Quality of the racks are good, but look daft IMO.

    Find some proper OE rails and bars for your car or track down the original manufacturer and get them direct for less.

    Golf wagon Mk6/7 are great, can recommend, get any petrol or the 1.9 PD tdi, the 1.2/1.6/2.0 CR are problem childs, have their issues by this age.

    VOlvo, get a real one a V70, the smallers ones are secretly fords (not that thats terrible) , they don't age as well as the V70. Engine wise, any 5 cyl volvo diesel (lower powered ones seem to be more reliable and return epic economy for their size). Or any petrol, the ford derived petrol engines are fine, probably better than the VW ones but don't have that much experience with them.
    £3k should get you a last of the line 2005/2007 P2 car with moderate miles and good spec, then save the other 1k for the upcoming things.


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