• I'd have thought that stopping is a manoeuvre, it's effectively turning out of the stream of moving traffic.

    If moving clearly/cleanly out of the stream of traffic it can often be said the rider is not in conflict with anyone so while it's necessary to look and establish who they may need to communicate with it's then not always necessary to hand signal those continuing in the stream of traffic.

  • It’s not always clean though, is it? Eg when some commuter racer nobber is draughting you, it is best to signal intention to stop or they are likely to plough into the back of you. As I mentioned already communicate when necessary.

  • It's mentioned at each step of the on road parts. Not about to browbeat someone as they have just learned to pedal for the first time in a controlled off road environment as some commuter racer nobber or audi driver or commuter racer nobber in his audi may or may not be behind them at some point in the future.