• Just bought a Cotic Escapade F & F 2nd hand. The fork has a 9 x 100 Superstar thru axle. I need to build up a pair of wheels but struggling to work out what will fit. Am going with a Surly 135mm hub on the back that will be run fixed. Preferably I want one of these up front but no idea if it will fit - wondered if I could just prise the fork apart slightly so the stub axles fit the holes and bolt the ends on from the outside?! https://www.tritoncycles.co.uk/component­s-c9/hubs-c120/ultra-new-disc-front-hub-­p1731.
    Otherwise could I just go with a standard QR with the thru axle removed? Any help appreciated. The LBS are being useless & not having much google luck. Ta.

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  • dt swiss have 9mm endcaps for their 350 hubs

  • Praising the forks apart won’t realky work, you’d have to remove the brake caliper every time you want to take the wheel out.

    You could maybe find a hub that takes 9mm bolts into a flat ended female axle but I’ve no idea if that actually exists. If it does it’d allow you to slide the wheel into the fork and the rotor into the caliper all at the same time.

    10mm bolted debacle axle hubs are definitely a thing in the bmx world but I dunno about mtb stuff.


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