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  • @AlexD It's roughly an hour from the Fishponds Fish statue by Morrisons up to the Hope and Anchor in Midford. If you then want to loop down through Monkton Coombe to the canal path and back to Bath that will add on a bit of time, as the footpath is fairly narrow and a bumpy surface. So if you are short on time I'd recommend just doing Midford and back the way you came.

  • Ah ok, cheers. I’m familiar with the path to bath as I used to commute to bath when I worked there and I remember it being about 45 mins, but then Sustrans was saying 13 miles for the loop, which I assumed would be about 45 mins again.

    I’ll give it a whirl how you suggested, just to the hope and anchor and back. Cheers!


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