• We have lift off! Fitted PDW 'Road plus' guards last night at the same time as some 32mm Gravelkings.

    List of modification:

    1. Extended rear stays with the supplied QR adapters. Anyone else have this problem? Guard was rotated as far forwards as possible.
    2. Filed sides to fit inside seat stays, and drilled for direct mounting to bridge.
    3. Filed RHS to clear derailleur cable stop.

    There was no way that the seat tube attachment was going to reach, but with the chain stay bridge bolted on, it should be fine. I considered drilling the chain stay bridge through, and tapping both sides to give a bit more thread for the bolt to hold on to.

    The rear is a bit tight over 32mm tires, needs a bit of tension between the stays and chain stay mount to hold it off. Hopefully won't cause too much stress on the seat stay hole.

    Front was a dream in comparison!

  • Help me out m8 - what did you use on the front fork to get the mudguard fitted with the PDW safety tab?

    Some sort of angle bracket?


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