• There's a whole section in there about how I've put everything I have into renting and renovating a new place which will house the workshop, so you must have missed that bit?
    Also I don't think anybody on gofundme lists everything the money will be spent on, with amounts next to it.

    Gofundme is exactly what it says, and my campaign shows the same information that most show.
    It basically IS a charity page to a business for everyone who launches a campaign on there.
    It relies on good-hearted people donating to help a person or business they believe could be worthwhile to get up and running, for nothing in return but seeing that happen and feeling good that you helped it to.

    Again, thanks to those who have helped. No worries to those who find it weird, or don't wish to donate. :)

  • I do wonder how far the £6,000 will actually go alright... it may seem like people are being terribly critical here but I do believe it's coming from a place of wanting to help. Have you worked out a structured business plan detailing all costs and a timeline for implementation? I'm sure there are lots of people with great business acumen here who would be willing to provide some guidance/ mentorship for the business and of things . I know when we received similar help in our business it made a huge difference to us!


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