• I think it would help if you had a plan for what the gofundme money is going to, if you’re set on that route.

    What do you need? A bartacking machine? A 300sqft studio in East? Help making a website?

    +1 to ma3k’s comment. No business plan = no plan for any business to be sustainable.

  • Not sure if I'm missing something here... But who decided I didn't have a plan?
    It even states in the gofundme story what the money is going to, the current workshop situation, etc.
    This is the whole reason for launching the gofundme... Because the next stage of the 'plan' is to get the workshop built and the materials ordered.

    Maybe the story is a case of tldr? :)

  • I have read it, I think you should spell out how much money you need for what.
    And I could help you find a studio, or help you make a website, that would be fine.
    As it is now it's a charity donation page to a business, which just seems weird to me.