• 1. New Old Stock: Wacom Intuos3 PTZ-930G 9" x 12" digital drawing tablet £130 shipped

    Brand New Old Stock, never used, perfect condition.
    Wacom Intuos3 PTZ-930G, 9" x 12" version, digital drawing tablet.
    Brand new in original box with all unused accessories (pen, pen holder, spare nibs, mouse, CD, manual).
    As used by Shigenori Soejima and Naoko Yamada for the Persona game series and A Silent Voice anime, as well as no doubt countless other working artists. Clearly you don't need a £2000 Cintiq or an iPad to be a professional.
    Suitable for anyone from illustrators and 3D artists to photographers and architects.
    Check the Amazon reviews and compare to the reviews of all modern Intuos and Cintinq models. This was the best. It also has a larger drawing area than similarly priced newer Intuos models:



    Selling only as this is surplus to requirements. No offers please as £150 is what I paid for it, including shipping, so simply want to reimburse myself and not lose too much. I will already lose money on shipping costs, which will be a lot due to the size and weight. It is definitely worth that, and you won't ever see another brand new one for sale. Photo below is from the seller I bought it from who sold a few of these, all NOS. This is their photo, mine is exactly the same:

    (Same model and size as the one for sale here)

    (She is using a smaller version of the same model)

    Message me if you'd it please. Thanks.


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