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  • Flatbed scanners are mostly crap. Don't waste your time with them.
    The Minolta 5400 or Nikon Coolscan IV is about the cheapest you can get away with for 35mm work. I think the 5400 is actually a great scanner.
    For medium format you will have to pay quite a bit to get a decent scanner. Flatbeds are not worth it.
    Another option for 35mm is the Kodak Pakon which is very nice, scans a whole roll in one go very quickly.

    What I tell everyone is to get cheap scans done at the time of developing, and then rent an Imacon Flextight for proper scanning of your favourite pictures. A Flextight is £30 an hour and you can get 30 lovely scans in great detail done in that time. Very simple to use.

    Oh yes and read this:


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