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  • Hi. I'm interested in how you attached the contacts to the fork dropouts. Did you drill 3 holes for the insulating plate and stick it on somehow? I have the same wheel which I would like to use, but until seeing this I haven't found a way to get it to work without a custom fork etc.

  • Hey, didnt make much photos of the process, but ill try to describe.
    As i am using a steel fork, so it was quite easy - filed away the paint off the dropout for the negative side so the ground goes through the whole fork and you can attach the lamps negative wire anywhere on the fork as long as it connects to the metal.

    The positive side was a bit more complicated, had to buy a kit (­chmidt-sl-contact-parts-kit-with-forward­-cable-exit/), and then made a template from cardboard for the 3 holes, drilled them out ant then the kit attaches in the holes, and friction holds it in. Then routed the wire tough the small drain hole near the dropout and it exits at the crown.

    Was worried that the extra width of the connector would make changing the wheel quite challenging, as i would need to spread the fork legs apart, but it just slides in whitout any need for that. If you are using a carbon fork, that would make it more complicated, as you would need another connector for the negative side.

    It's quite alot of work for a dynamo setup, but now im quite pleased that i dont need to disconnect any wires while changing the wheel, its winter time here and trying to fiddle with some wires with cold fingers is not the most pleasant experience.


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