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  • Hey guys... looking for some info on this.
    Is it just a colored clearcoat ?
    I want to repaint a carbon frame this way...

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  • It can be done with an ink or dye in the clearcoat but that's not best practice if you wish to polish the clearcoat afterwards.

    At CCW, we apply a tinted 'direct adhesion' clearcoat.
    It's basically part primer, part clear and we add ink to it.
    We then clearcoat directly over the top of that.

    Applying the white graphics over the top without colour bleeding is particularly skilful.
    Whoever did this knows their onions.

    The colours available are somewhat limited and it is a pain to capture well in a photo.

    Most costly part of a finish like this is having the original factory finish safely removed from your carbon frameset (if it hasn't come straight from the factory in a raw state).


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