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  • Hey pals!

    The second round of registration opens today! There are 12 spots left, and they are open to ALL teams. If you tried to get in to the last round and you didn't get in, you need to re-register today. The link will be posted at 12pm GMT here and on the Facebook event page.

    Spots went in less than a minute last round so get ready!

    Current team list is below:

    tbEU: Matt / Jimbo / Shaki
    bgirls: Adam / Samir / Geraldine
    Margotte Teacher: Claire / Brice / Mateen
    Jo Cacao: Jojo / Greg / Woods
    nebraskillz: Phil / Bulle / Jimmy
    Less Rules More Fun: Luca / Morgan / Angela
    donkEU: Django / Johanna / Baptiste
    FOR EVER: Antoine / Lucie / Hugo
    Swamp Yankess: Rhys / Josh / Taylor
    Where Are You From: Jakub / Laura / Zemek
    Pisco Sour: Nathalie / Pablo / Clément
    la nivelle: Kati / Christoph / Jan

    Lots of love xxx