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  • Buddha bowls!

    A bit of Rice/quinoa/boiled grains, some roasted veggies, some beans/tofu/humus, some raw veggies, some kale/spinach, half an avocado, some nuts/seeds, a few slices of chili/ginger/turmeric, a slice of lemon/lime and tahini/soy/schiracha dressing.
    It’s so good 🤤

    First google picture for inspiration
    Edit: and a good link that describes it better than me­dha-bowl-three-ways/

  • ^

    these are great for taking with you in some tupperware (what do they call that now, "home prep" or something? I heard it's a trend) have some proper lunch instead of fucking falafel for the hundredst time - also you gonna make everybody around you really jealous!