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  • Right, here's a first stab at a route:

    Lots of off road parts, which will be nice.

    The route from Wandsworth to Wembley has not much going for it. If anyone wants to suggest some tweaks, please feel free. Ditto the part from Wembley to Spaniards, although we are quite limited in where to cross the railways.

    The IKEA in Stratford is inside Westfield. By all means we should visit, but I haven't included it precisely on the route.

    In terms of kit, a lot of this ride will be on towpath surface. It should be doable on 23c for those of you who have not bought into the last five years of cycling, but caveat emptor. I will probably be on 27" 32c tyres, riding fixed. Ride what you want, bring tools, bring what you need.

  • IKEA Stratford isn’t exactly inside, it’s on a section known as ‘The Street’, it’s pedestrianised but you can easily walk past the door and drop something on your foot.


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