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  • CrossRail as an organisation has done well to hide from TfL and our esteemed Mayor just how late it is. The greenspace of The Haven in Ealing has long been home to a multi-storey portakabin office, and a compound. Mooching around Ealing recently with mespilus jr., we noticed some 'bits' of a staircase in the compound. Xmas Eve saw us return to Ealing, and found the bus services were disrupted as the road outside Ealing Broadway station was occupied by an immense, extending Liebherr, self-propelled crane, and the staircase components on low loaders waiting to be lifted into position.
    Popped back into Ealing on Saturday after a wander along the canal from Greenford to North Acton, and could see the new staircase, (not yet in use), and the access point on the existing station infrastructure where another will have to be installed.
    Does anyone know when Ealing Broadway station was meant to be completed?


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