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  • OK, sorry for the wait, but here are the 12 teams that have got in for the borderless spots!

    tbEU: Matt / Jimbo / Shaki
    bgirls: Adam / Samir / Geraldine
    Margotte Teacher: Claire / Brice / Mateen
    Jo Cacao: Jojo / Greg / Woods
    nebraskillz: Phil / Bulle / Jimmy
    Less Rules More Fun: Luca / Morgan / Angela
    donkEU: Django / Johanna / Baptiste
    FOR EVER: Antoine / Lucie / Hugo
    Swamp Yankess: Rhys / Josh / Taylor
    Where Are You From: Jakub / Laura / Zemek
    Pisco Sour: Nathalie / Pablo / Clément
    la nivelle: Kati / Christoph / Jan

    If you didn't make it there will be another chance when the remaining 12 spots are open to EVERYONE on the 3rd of January at noon (GMT).