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  • Not a bad article that, even if it is in the Graduian

    HS2 and the comparison between ‘Nothern Powerhouse Rail’ should be explored further by mainstream hacks. The piss poor Transpennine upgrade is something that clearly shows how money is spent in NR in N v S terms.

    East West Rail has also taken far to long to get off the ground, considering it’s obvious benifits. It just goes to show how these large projects now ‘suck’ the industry in and starve other projects.

  • Shame the road lobby is balls deep in Westminster isn’t it?

    Makes no sense at all, if the route had been re-instated/opened earlier then there would probably be little call for the road, or there was call for it, it would be clear nonesense.

    Sadly the rail lobby at parliament is focused almost solely on privatisation.