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  • I am guessing Crossrail is following a similar pattern even though it’s a separate company to NR.

    I thought Crossrail was specifically not set up to work like this?

    It's years since I read about that, though.

    Needless to say, it's obviously true that the problems generated along the line only come out towards the end. I'll need to ask again, but I've heard that because of the initial budget cuts some things were done more cheaply, which is now coming back to haunt them.

  • It may not have been set up like that, I don’t know, but if you staff something with people from the rail industry it’s probably going to run in a fashion they are comfortable with.

    Budget cuts in large infrastructure projects just mean that parts of the job are cut out (mainly at the design stage). In theory this should make the project delivery faster, or at least run to programme.

    Again though, the rail industry is unique. Due to tendering regs and approved suppliers in safety critical roles, certain contractors are almost guaranteed work so charge ‘Railway prices’. This adds a lot, needlessly to rail projects, it also means that nothing can be done ‘cheaply’ as nearly all rail work is probably above the market price.

    Great ‘down the line’ pun there. 9/10 will use in office next year for sure


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