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  • I'd say so.

    Be good to have an Edinburgh based thread again.
    There used to be an Edinburgh fixed gear website. I think it was run by Neek? He moved to Glasgow I'm sure, and the website and community sort of fell with it. Not sure if it started again or not, but sounds as if it has.

    In other news, Ronde has closed its doors?! Anyone know anything about this?

    Quick spam:
    If anyone is interested, or you know anyone interested, I'll be putting up a Genesis Day One 10 2019 up for sale in a few days. Brand new, warranty replacement, size L.
    Selling it because I bought another bike in between all the hassle of sorting out the replacement Genesis.

  • A shame about Ronde if so; I go past every day and they do serve great coffee; good when pro cycling is on the telly too. Wouldn't buy a bike there because £££ and their club runs always look a bit serious and full-on Waffa/Team Sky fanboys. Cycled past yesterday and didn't look that shut? Andy Shaw was working there Wednesday..

  • I ride with Ronde, couldn't afford anything from the shop bar a coffee or an inner tube, but there's fashionistas in most clubs.. (Personally not a Rapha fan).
    A good bunch on the whole: don't knock it till you've tried it..


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