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  • Is there an easy way to search for a comment by a particular person in a particular thread?

    For instance this is searching for comments by me with the word "wallpaper" in the "Home DIY" thread­r+type%3Acomment+type%3Aconversation+id%­3A178667+authorId%3A59312

    To do this though I have to find where I have this template and manually edit the URL with search term, conversation ID (which I've found by searching for the conversation) and author ID. It takes multiple tabs and lots of back and forth.

    Similarly, searching for all comments by a user in a certain thread also involves manually editing the URL. Am I missing something easy?

  • Easy... no.

    Difficult... not really.

    So long as you know the profile ID that you want to search, then inside a given thread on the right hand side is a search box that allows searching within a thread.

    In that box enter authorId:59312 and hit enter.

    Tada... you have now filtered this thread to just your comments.

    This can be done for any authorId in any thread whilst also combining it with any search terms.

    Additionally you can use that in the top level query to search for search terms by an author across the site (but remember to uncheck the "Search titles" bit).


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