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  • Hello,
    I tried cycling from London to Whitstable today, only to be stopped by the police around 25km into the ride after I crossed the Blackwall Tunnel. Thankfully, they understood that it was an unintended error and did not impose any fine. I was under the impression that cycling is permitted on A roads. I had plotted my route map using ridewithgps.

    I've now found some routes made by other users on the website but I'm not sure if these routes have any issues with cycling (road condition, cycling permitted etc). If anyone here has cycled from London to Whitstable, kindly give me the link to your ride so that I can load your gpx file in my garmin. I'm planning to do the ride again on Friday. I'm using a road bike, so I would prefer no/little off roading.

    I've found this route on ridewithGPS-


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