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  • How does one reserve the parking on a residential street for the removal truck?

    We exchanged and completed in 6 working days and will have moved in 8 working days, and Haringey require 2 weeks for parking suspension and won't consider anything attempting to be booked in less time... I tried, and it's unavailable (they're just not interested).

    The road we move to is single vehicle wide once you account for parked cars... so I imagine I'm just blocking the road for a few hours :shrug

    But is there another way? Some trick to identifying who owns cars and asking them to move on the day and then somehow preserving that space until the truck arrives?

  • possibly too late for this, but we have acquired a no parking cone or two and are down the road.
    Failing that, park in the spot you want then move at the right time

  • We are moving Friday and need it this Friday afternoon. It's not too late!

    Can I buy you a drink or few in return for you placing them outside 92 Inderwick Thursday night/ Friday morning? I'm unfortunately on the other side of London until we arrive on Friday.


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