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  • I have been lurking in this thread for a while and its really useful information for me as a (hopefully) soon first-time buyer.

    I found a flat I really like but the whole building is not connected to the gas grid. That means there are storage heaters in the flat and all hot water is heated electrically. There is a water tank in the flat and pumps on the hot water tabs.

    As I have never lived in a non-gas flat, I would be interested if anyone has experience with these kind of circumstances? What do people think, would that be deal breaker for you? Does it affect resale value and mortgage availability? Will heating bills be crazy? It's a modernish build from the late 90s with double glazing so safe to say insulation is not the best.

    Thank you in advance!

  • Is it economy 7 electricity? Flat I had wasn't too pricey if you used the overnight storage heaters but it meant you were deciding the day before if you want the heating on.

    You may be able to add gas and install a boiler. A friend did it and it wasn't too pricey.


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