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  • I've lived in a large warehouse-type space without gas heating - also a modern build from the late 90s with double glazing. The electricity bills were significant - probably around £300 a month rather than £100 a month I was previously used to - but I suspect that could be got around a bit more intelligently these days with a few oil radiators linked to smart plugs in key areas. It's not a deal breaker, it's a quirk. I'd prefer gas for sure but if I loved a place it wouldn't stop me buying.

  • Thanks for that. £300 is a lot! Current owners just emailed saying their highest heating costs were £85 last February- not sure how truthful they are.

    Having lived in a warehouse space for a year or so, even with gas we were struggling to keep it warm- superhigh ceilings surely didn't help.

    The flat I am looking at is a smallish two bedroom so it might be slightly easier to heat. Will definitely look into oil radiators.

  • I think they'd probably be right that the electric heating costs are only £85 or so. But that's just for heating and you have to add it to all the rest of the electricity you use. I'd estimate of the £300 electricity I was paying, probably only half of that went on heating, but it was still £300 a month in total electricity, and that's quite a shock at first.

    All that said, the place I'm thinking of was enormous. Each room about 8m by 6m, and there were five or six rooms over two levels with huge high ceilings. I think you'll be fine.


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