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  • Was at LMNH for the film and Q&A last week. Looks great/mental in about a 30/70 split :)

    I was there too - got there late and standing at the back only. Left before the end as feet tired and the talks weren't the best cycling accounts I've heard in the last couple of weeks!
    Was standing in the same square metre as Ian Oliver and Neil Philips (TCR vets) and all agreed that we'd rather tour there than race.

    Scroll up a few inches for scratch rate info!

  • Scroll up a few inches for scratch rate info!

    What was the final scratch rate. I wonder what the main reasons were? Heard a bit about dodgy guts. No one really mentioned altitude that much. The storms and hundreds of k of hike-a-bike would probably put me off the most.

  • Sorry, thought I had put that in. 30 finishers, 63 scratched, so about 1 in 3 success rate.
    Quite a few people were out of time at the first control, basically because it was so tough. And others got caught out in the weather, eg Chris Phillips got hit by a storm on top of the mountain and asked to be rescued by a passing race car.
    One thought is that the some people who reported food poisoning could have had altitude sickness


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