• Any reason why this wouldn't work? (I think this is how my early 90's Olmo is painted)

    1. Media blast or brush finish frame
    2. Full chrome (do not polish so it retains texture from step 1.)
    3. Clear coat with translucent colour
  • Like Matt says... for good adhesion, you need a key in the substrate. This will be visible as you build up colour products... the lack of a key is why CromoVelato finishes fall off easily after chipping.

    If we're working directly over chromed or stainless steel (or Ti etc), we can do 'Cromo Velato' style effects at Cole Coatings Workshop using 'Direct Adhesion' products. These are products designed to be used without standard primers but they have no anti-corrosion properties and act only as a barrier to the elements - hence they're better suited to materials that won't rust.

    We definitely wouldn't recommend this effect over the textured/pitted surface left behind following media blasting. As smooth a surface as possible will give the best effect.

    As Matt has said, similar finishes can be achieved using chrome effect paint products or good quality silvers in a more standard candy application. This however brings with it the problems that are associated with the use of silver paints - all the painters here will know this... for silver, a smooth finish is needed... any imperfection or prep mark in the substrate or the primer will be visible in the final finish if it is not removed.

    One further thing to know is that candy/ink/dye style products are somewhat limited in their colour choices compared to the vast array of 'normal' paints out there and additionally, given that they have some translucency, these products get darker as more layers are built up so you can't always choose the EXACT colour you want.

    Hope that's helpful.