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  • Live in Glasgow and the next bike scheme is not quite dockless, you have to leave it at a stand but the locks are low quality combination cord things. In the 3-4 years they've been here I've seen very very few that have been vandalised or hijacked. It's been a slow methodical roll out with lots of community engagement, maybe that's a large part of why it's been more successful? (I won't say super successful, you don't see them getting used a huge amount, I stopped using them two years ago when was nearly ended by a wheel falling off one, accidents happen, but the company then tried to charge me for not parking it properly did not score well with me.

  • I've seen very very few that have been vandalised or hijacked.

    Come East Bricky, I'll show you things.

    The new ones seem to be more secure, when it was just the combi locks you could go a 5 minute walk from the velodrome and find about a dozen in gardens, abandoned against walls, in various states of being stripped etc.

  • Shows I spend most of my time in city and West.
    Read a few articles some current some years old and all saying similar stuff that the UK is the absolute worst for people abusing and destroying public / communal property.


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