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  • I've ridden a bit of both, great part of the world for riding. The coast is nice, but traffic may be quite heavy in summer and and you can pick up a fair amount of mist and drizzle. I'd go inland - the Columbia river gorge west to The Dalles from Portland on the old highway is a great ride on a pretty much empty road. Then roughly along/ parallel to the Pacific crest trail route south down to Diamond and Crater lakes which are brilliant for a couple of days on the bike. You could return north to Portland inland via Eugene or the coast. Or continue south/take a few diversions and pick up the train back to Portland. If you can find some of the previous Cycle Oregon routes that may give you some good ideas.

    A loop going north from Cascade locks on the Columbia river via Mt St Helens and Mt Rainier would also be a great ride - you could return south on the coast or head over to the Olympic National park/St Juan Islands and again train it back to Portland.

    Loads of great riding opportunities, you almost can't go wrong...


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