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  • Delft is indeed very pretty "micro Amsterdam" vibe and can be a lot of tourists there to soak it up too. I used to do a small cycle loop from Rotterdam-Delft and back for a quick coffee ride so a fairly superficial impression I admit.

    If you're used to a bigger city you might prefer living in Rotterdam/commuting to Delft, it's so close that it would be really easy. There used to be a big fixed gear scene in Rotterdam which would have been more useful than lufguss but the website for forum is now down-maybe @peter_v can offer some insight/other Dutch contacts over that way? then there's a few good art/architecture/design collectives/studios/coffee/beers/bitterb­allen in the 'dam too. Will keep you entertained if not your kids... (I'm sure there's lots for them too as they were always catered for at exhibition openings etc that I went to)

    On the other hand I'm sure the Uni will have experience with families doing what your doing and be able to offer some support/social connections but Rotterdam still close enough you could pedal over to go on rides etc.

    Sounds like a fun interlude for sure! Been applying for Interns in Denmark but they all seem to be in Aarhus unfortunately, otherwise I'd nominate myself as a very clean and respectful house sitting candidate... Never say never though ;)

  • Thanks for the insight.
    We have now booked a house in Rotterdam for the first two months.

    What do you actually do, über? you're in arts, right? Do you want me to look out for internships etc here?


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