• I was waiting for this response.

    It is often pondered about how to get more women involved in cycling. Women can enter events like the Ride100, just like men. What's their problem?

    The problem is that there is a near constant low-level noise that you have to not only be good but be amazing and better than the best men to participate in cycling. Most women just assume that it's not for them and don't start or go off and do something that they are stereotyped to believe that they can do.

    Why not give a woman the chance to beat the 'soft ' time of 2.38.1. Maybe the next batch of women who build their own weight weenie machines will push under 2 mins and even closer to the men's time. You'll never know unless you encourage people to take part by making it seem possible and feasible in the first place.

  • I totally support this btw.
    I know nothing about PR but surely, giving a set of wheels away to either record breaker would be best.
    If it is soft, even better as more women might consider it possible and enter!