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  • As a part of my wife’s phd she’s being relocated to university of Delft for three months next spring.
    I’m not going to stay at hole alone with two kids so we’ll join her there. We’re danish, living in copenhagen.

    As such I wanted to reach ot and hear if anyone on here is in or from Delft and could help with advice etc.

    We need to find accomodation for three months.
    I need suggestions for stuff to do with two boys ated eight and three.
    I will also have to report to a local employment center as I will search for a job there to keep my unemplyment benefits.

    Any other hints or advice would be very helpful.

    And most important if someone wanted to meet up, go for a ride and a coffee or beer, let their kids play with mine that would be absolutely awesome!

    Oh, if there’s anybody who need to rent a furnished appartment in Copenhagen next march, april, may, get in touch.



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